At Crossroad, we focus on the heart more than on the outward appearance. You will find people dressed in a wide variety of styles from as casual as jeans or shorts to a smaller number dressed more formally. Most people find themselves somewhere in the middle. Just be sure to dress so that you will be relaxed and able to be able to worship and hear from the Lord.


Our focus is on Jesus Christ, our style reflects a mix of new and old and our worship team strives to lead you into the presence of God. We place a great deal of importance on encouraging everyone to lift their voices together and make a joyful noise in praise to our God.


At Crossroad, we believe that the gospel is the foundation for everyday life. For that reason, it is the centerpiece of every worship gathering. Every worship service is a passionate response to the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We believe the Bible is God’s revealed truth and is our personnel manual for living life. Pastor Curt teaches God’s Word in a practical “hands on” fashion so we can apply it to our daily lives.