Sermons from May 2020

A Bear or a Burden Bearer?

Lately, almost everyone is dealing with some kind of burden; whether financial, emotional or spiritual. Have we even noticed that so many are under tremendous pressure? What can we do to help them? Today, on Pentecost, Pastor Curt reminds us that the Holy Spirit came to enable us to be the witnesses, ambassadors, vessels, fruit-bearers,…

The Fruit Expressed

How can we express the “fruit of the Spirit” when dealing with fellow believers who have strong opinions with which we may disagree? Many churches are struggling with opposing ideas on when they should resume services, Sunday school and other gatherings. Some believe we never should have stopped; others believe that we must wait until…

Abiding Is Walking By The Spirit

To bear the fruit which Christ produces, we must be convinced (thoroughly persuaded) of His love for us and then continue to live in dependence upon, rely continuously upon, drink in and consume His love moment by moment. This is how we abide in Christ.