Pastor’s Update

 June 3, 2020 – I’M OUT OF STEAK TODAY!

Well it’s kind of late Wednesday evening.  Some of you may be wondering, “It’s 10:00 PM and I haven’t received an email from Curt yet. I wonder if everything is OK”. “OK” is a relative term. What feels OK to some, may feel troubling to someone else.  To be honest, I have struggled with what to share with you today.  I feel like a chef at a restaurant.  Steak is on the menu.  But I am out of steak.  All I have to offer is chicken nuggets.

So here is my chicken nugget:    Be open and brutally honest with God.   Be transparent.   Express your thoughts and feelings to the Lord.  You might as well.  Can you hide anything from Him?  There is something powerful with being transparent, honest  — being real with God.   Also, with wisdom and sensitivity, be open and real with a few close supporters.   They might help you bear your burden.  They won’t have the opportunity if you aren’t real.

The verse I quoted from Paul in last week’s message was in my thoughts again today.  2 Cor 7:5-6  “. . . our flesh had no rest, we were afflicted on every side;  conflicts without and fears within.  But God, Who comforts the depressed, comforted us by the coming of Titus.”

Also, I am reminded of the prodigal son coming home to his gracious, forgiving father. The son who was honest and transparent received far more than He expected.  His shame was lifted.  His relationship was healed and restored.

There is never a time when it’s OK to “Fake it until you make it.”  That is certainly true during this season of life.  We have been going through this crisis for over 11 weeks.   There may be cracks starting to appear in our emotional, mental and physical strength.  There may be cracks showing up in our relationships.  Now is not the time to fake it.  Now is not the time to ignore, or sweep things under the carpet — hoping they will stay hidden.

When cracks appear in me personally or in relationships around me —  my flesh would rather fake it and say, “It’s OK.  I’m OK. It’ll be OK — and pretend to be spiritual.  The prodigal son was not restored by coming home all cleaned up.  Restoring his soul and healing of his relationship came at the place and time, where his honest transparency met with the love and grace of his father.

That’s my “chicken nugget”.


  • Please pray for Marjorie Nevitt, who was hospitalized early Wednesday morning.  It was discovered that her heart, including a valve, is in rough shape.  Surgery is not advisable at her age.   Her son, Carl, said she may be home tomorrow.  Most likely Friday.
  • Pray for Larry and Gerri Horn.  Larry is anticipating surgery and is in the process of waiting for definitive results of tests, and then facing decisions on a treatment plan — what?  where?  and when?
  • Pray for your Pastor.  Today was a struggle.  As I write this tonight, I am on the other side of the “cracks” that showed up today.  But I sense there may be more showing up “without and within” as we transition out of the COVID quarantine — and EVEN as we look forward to worshiping together in 10 days.
  • Pray for supernatural wisdom as the Leadership Team navigates the decisions of how to respectfully, and safely, start offering in-person worship services Sunday morning, June 14.  We still have a few things to settle on.


We are turning the former Calvary Chapel office into a video recording room.  The walls need to be repainted in a dark gray to help control light.  We have the paint ready.  What we are lacking is someone to roll on some paint and transform an office into a studio.   First come first serve.

Any time early next week would be awesome.  Let me know.


Pastor Curt