Crossroad encourages men of all ages to develop a personal, one-on-one DAILY relationship with Jesus Christ. While some men have had an “encounter” with Jesus at some point in their lives, many have never been taught how to integrate the reality of Jesus into their daily experiences of life; on their job, with their wives and children and especially in the very depths of their souls. A level of trust and transparency must be developed so men can let other me in to both encourage and challenge one another to become the men that Jesus challenges us to become.

THe road crew

Every Friday morning at 7;00, men of all ages meet to learn and discuss how to intentionally live for Jesus each day.  We pray for each other, our families, our struggles and our victories. Join us and let us encourage you on your journey of living daily for Jesus. The group is currently studying the book, Ekklesia: Rediscovering God’s Instrument for Global Transformation by Ed Silvoso. Please join us.