Being “On Mission”

Jesus told all of His disciples, to go make more disciples throughout all the nations. One of the most important values of CrossRoad Christian Fellowship is to be “on mission” and every person is viewed as having a role to play in a our mission to the world. It begins in our own neighborhoods and community, and spreads to every nation. CrossRoad Christian Fellowship members are involved in a variety of ministries that contribute to what God is doing to bring life to all who will believe and receive.

Mission Outreach

CrossRoad Christian Fellowship is thrilled to be part of the spread of God’s kingdom here in Southwest Colorado and around the world. We cooperatively support the International and North American Missions of the Great Commission Baptist (SBC). Regionally, we support the Mesa Verde Baptist Association and Hesperus Camp. We maintain a strong support for a mission work in India, Kenya and a middle east country. As a cooperative member of Pagosa Outreach Connection we work with other churches and benevolent organizations to respond to crisis and benevolent needs in Pagosa Springs. And we encourage our members to be practically involved in mission through relationships and acts of service — responding to God’s call.

Home Study/Fellowship Groups

Our Lord never ordained for us to feel alone in a crowd of fellow believers.  Many greatly enjoy the benefits of meeting in homes on a given weeknight.  There they make new friends, gathering around a cozy table with deserts and beverages, have a bible teaching that is followed by open discussions. It is a joy to learn from each other.


We strive for music that is Christ-honoring; to encourage a face-to-face worship experience. Numerous church members joyfully get involved with this ministry.  Some are gifted in playing musical instruments. Some find it richly rewarding to use their vocal abilities. Either way, these volunteers are an important part of the ministry of CrossRoad Christian Fellowship; using their gifted talents to glorify God and lead others into worship.


CrossRoad Christian Fellowship recognizes the many benefits of current media and technology. People are visually “wired” by God in order to enhance learning. Our Lord taught numerous stories so His disciples, and the many who listened to Him, could visualize and understand Him. We also recognize that God has called us to be wise stewards of this form of learning. Weekly sermons are available on our website in MP3 format.

Prayer Ministry

Prayer is a vital part of a Christian’s life. Our Lord deeply desires a personal relationship with His children. While music sings to the glory of God, prayer is a deep and honest connection with Him; be it silent or vocal. Each Sunday morning a team of volunteers meet for prayer; seeking God’s presence during worship and the teaching of His Word. At CrossRoad we have a team of intercessors committed to responding with prayer. They regularly bring before the Lord, church leaders, members, special requests and missionary needs.

Children’s Church

We offer a children’s church during our main church service for children up through third grade. Young children can have a brief attention span and greatly benefit from an experience of biblical teachings, stories and hands-on crafts joyfully aimed at their level of understanding. This special time also gives the children a time for healthy interaction with other children in their age bracket.  Our church volunteers have an endless stream of creativity ranging from delightful puppet shows to exciting bible stories. You have the freedom to allow your children to go Children’s Church or have them remain with you in the sanctuary.


The most precious and vulnerable little ones within a family are the infants and toddlers. Parents want the peace of mind that their children are in good hands with excellent facilities provided. We provide that environment for your little ones.