Welcome to Crossroad Christian Fellowship                                                              Sunday Morning Service 10:00 AM
We, who have freely chosen to fellowship at CrossRoad desire to be an authentic community where we share our lives — rather than being just another group of religious consumers.
With that goal in mind, we commit ourselves to be relationship-centered rather than event-centered. The underlying philosophy of how we interact is that evangelism, discipleship, and service are best accomplished in the context of authentic relationships, rather than carefully planned events and programs.
We will pursue being motivated by agape love in every way we speak and act with each other. Therefore we will choose to not take offense and we will be quick to fully forgive, giving thanks to the Lord for the lessons learned a
nd the opportunity to be used to share His grace.
Since our passion is the “internal transformation of the heart” and not “external appearances” we commit to be truthful and real with each other providing a graceful, safe environment for others to be transparent and real with us.
We will avoid temptations: to be right at another’s expense, to be in control, to have a hidden agenda, to seek a personal advantage, and to remain undisturbed.
Beyond the typical Sunday morning gathering at the church facilities, we will seek to establish strong lasting relationships with others by fellowshipping in our homes and other situations where relationships are built. We will strive to make ourselves available to give and receive in those relationships.
We believe that accountability, care and a sense of belonging are critical to balance and progress in our journey with Christ and His body. Therefore we will seek to develop those three responsibilities in the context of a small group of relationally-connected believers.